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When: September 15, 2015 to December 15, 2015

Instructor: Cathy Skipper and Jade Shutes

Location: Online

Advance Your Knowledge! Aromatic Medicine Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction – Expanding the Herbal and Aromatic Toolbox Cathy and Jade will discuss the benefits of developing an expanding toolbox for both aromatherapy and herbal practitioners, utilizing essential oils in a variety…

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When: September 21, 2015 to January 10, 2016

Instructor: ACHS Faculty

Location: American College of Healthcare Sciences

Aroma 101 provides students with an in-depth understanding of the history and uses of essential oils including basic methods of administration and therapeutic actions of each of the oils studied. This 3-credit course is the first level of aromatherapy training at ACHS.

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When: October 3, 2015 to October 5, 2015

Instructor: Joy Musacchio, MA, CCAP & Cynthia Brownley, MS, CCAP

Location: Stillpoint Studies…School of Essential Oils and Energetics, Sedona, AZ

Plant Parts, Folklore & Energetics of Essential Oils:

When: October 3rd – 5th 2015 Full Event Details: 6am-9pm Friday, 9-6pm Saturday & Sunday October 3rd-5th 2015

In this workshop we will explore the correlations between plant parts & essential oils, as well as…

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When: October 8, 2015 to October 8, 2015

Instructor: Rose Chard

Location: NAHA Teleseminar

12 Tips to Starting or Growing Your Aromatherapy Business

Beginning or maintaining a business is not easy. Rose Chard began her massage and aromatherapy business in mid-2008 at the beginning of the economic down turn. Just this year, she has relocated her studio to Annapolis Maryland and her business…

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When: October 10, 2015 to March 20, 2016

Instructor: Mark Webb BSc, MASCC (Australia)

Location: Heal Center

This course offers Aromatherapist working in any different context the chance to extend and develop their essential oil formulating skills through a course delivered by one of the world’s leading experts in aromatic medicine: biochemist, plant biologist and aromatherapy author Mark Webb. Through…

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