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NAHA Safety Statements

For Safety Information regarding Dermal concerns, Pregnancy, Eye safety and General Safety, please visit here.

NAHA is frequently asked about such techniques as Raindrop Therapy, Internal Use, Undiluted application as well as questions about MLM's. Here are our safety statements regarding each of these modalities and our statement on MLM's.

For NAHA's safety page, please visit: http://www.naha.org/explore-aromatherapy/safety/


1. NAHA does not support the use or application of Raindrop Therapy (RDT). 

2. Internal Use

Do not take essential oils internally without appropriate advanced aromatherapy education and understanding of the safety issues involved in doing so. To learn more, we recommend you receive education from a NAHA approved school. Please visit here to explore schools. Many individuals throughout the United States and the world are utilizing essential oils internally. Most are doing so without appropriate knowledge or understanding of how, when, how much, what essential oils, for what purpose, safety concerns, etc. Whilst NAHA does not support the uneducated use of essential oils internally (as widely done in the US), we are dedicated to providing education in this area so that internal use is better understood and if done, is performed safely and effectively. NAHA will be offering two talks at the World of Aromatherapy VII in Seattle WA (Septembr 12 -15, 2014) on the internal use of essential oils. We hope this sparks the understanding that essential oils are not inherently dangerous, but rather, there is a need to understand the full scope of taking essential oils internally including the safety issues in doing so. Be sure to mark your calenders and attend this inspiring and empowering conference in 2014!

3. Undiluted Application

NAHA does not support the practice of undiluted application as it is performed in RDT therapy or other similar therapies. NAHA recommends diluting essential oils down in a suitable carrier (e.g. vegetable oils, full fat milk, etc.). To learn more, we recommend you receive education from a NAHA approved school. Please visit here to explore schools.

4. Multi-level Marketing Companies

NAHA is aware of several Multi-level marketing companies who disseminate irresponsible and misinformation into the aromatherapy market place. Although it is not NAHA's role to dictate the practices or policies of any aromatherapy or essential oil based company, we do offer education and support to those who are seeking to understand more about holistic / clinical aromatherapy. NAHA has an extensive network of regional and district directors who are available to provide aromatherapy education and talks to clarify misperceptions and incorrect information as well as to answer questions and concerns. You can learn more about directors in your area here.  NAHA also maintains a list of approved schools so that individuals can learn more about aromatherapy. For information about NAHA approved schools, please visit here.  To learn more about aromatherapy, please visit here!


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